Sunday, June 26, 2011

Island Tower

I have the three cutest little brothers in the whole world. I can't get enough of them. I love their vampire skin, cute freckles and quirky mannerisms. How lucky am I that I acquired these little tenders? I could gush about Tyler, Jacob or Will forever, but this post is about Jacob in particular. Jakey is the sweetest and most tender little boy in the whole world! Even though he isn't so little anymore he will always be little to me. Jakey has autism and so he has a hard time expressing emotions and interacting with people. But that just makes his every word and expression that much more precious. Like his smile in this pic. It is one of my favorites because it is a real Jakey smile. The kind of smile that breaks through the autism and shows his sweet personality. Those are rare, but oh so cute :).

When Jakey finds something that he loves, he LOVES it. These loves are ever changing but always entertaining. For instance, he was obsessed with the movie UP and dressed up like young Carl for Halloween. Oh and he specified that I dress up as young Ellie, which I did. Next, he was in love with Toy Story and gained his one true love Jesse the happy cowgirl as he calls her. He takes his Jesse doll everywhere and I think that secretly they are boyfriend and girlfriend :). One of his more consistent loves is that of maps and directions. He spends hours on google maps and can tell you how to get almost anywhere in the Western U.S. Literally turn by turn like a GPS. He is such a smarty. Recently he has taken to typing up elaborate directions on Dave's ipad. Some of which are real and some a little more embellished. Which brings me to Island Tower.

Island Tower
Rocket Shirt Then Rocket Boots On We Are Going To Island Tower
1.Right on460 E
2.Right on4200 S
3.Right On 410 w
4.Left On 4200 s
5.Right on 400 N
6.Left On Farnsworth Way
7.left on Idaho Falls/Pocatello
8.Merge Right On I-15 South Arco/Pocatello Continue To Follow I-15 S
9.Exit 72 Chubbuck/Twin Falls
10.Entering Oregon
11.Entering India
12. Ramp Down To 7th Street
13.Left On 7th Street
14.Flies Up To Island Tower

I love getting a peek into his mind. He is so smart and I can tell that his little brain is always working but he rarely shares it with us. I miss him. I can't wait until I get to see him again and can torture him with hugs, kisses, songs and sayings. He kind of hates when I invade his personal space but I just can't resist and I justify it by telling myself that it is good for him to get pushed out of his comfort zone :). There is so much more to say about this tenderoni but I will save it for future posts.