Monday, October 31, 2011

A Very Happy Halloween!

Today officially marks my last test of the month from HE..double hockey sticks. I had twelve tests total in the month of October, making it about the least fun month of all time. My classmates officially deemed it Sucktober. November will still have its share of exams but not quite 12. So for now I am still alive and not too much worse for wear.

Nate and I had a very low key Halloween this year. He had to be on call last night and didn't get home until like two this afternoon so he was pretty tuckered out. When I got home at five he had been sleeping for a few hours. So, I snuck in the room and cuddled up to him which woke him up a little bit. He responded with "you have me frightened in every area....Is that what you want?" Me: "what? what are you talking about?" Nate: "What?...uh...What did I say?..I am very confused..." Haha I have been crackin up about it all night and now I can't stop saying, "you have me frightened in EVERY area." Classic. After that little incident we did some studying, made some Thai chicken salads for dinner and curled up with some candy corn to watch Practical Magic (obviously not Nate's first choice but thats ok).

We also had some Halloween fun this weekend when we went to our friends' house for a little get together. Pics and more details soon to come (like as soon as I get a chance to spend the time necessary to upload them :))

Happy Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life and Such

What do you get when you combine a wife in PA school with 12 tests in one month and a husband on his surgical rotation working an inhumane amount of hours per week? A very tired, boring and lazy blogging couple.

Man life has been pretty rough the past few weeks. Nate and I really can not wait until Christmas break. We are living more like freshmen in college than I have ever lived before (maybe not more than Nate but it is definitely a new low for me). Scrounging for food, showering less than is appropriate, forgetting to brush my hair for over 24 hours (this really happened this week), constantly running out of laundry, groceries etc. Last week there was a period of time that Nate and I didn't see each other for 48 hours straight! Living in the same city and even slept in the same bed for 3 hours of it but that doesn't count. It was ridiculous. Lucky for me Nate is such an amazing husband and picks up the slack for me on the weekends when he doesn't have to work. I have huge exams every Monday so my weekends are shot.

If it sounds like I am complaining I guess it is because I am. Multiple exams a week and the resultant grades that are lower than my usual are wearing on me. I need to get my groove back! I'm looking forward to Nov. 5th, aka the first weekend I don't have a test the next Monday. We already have tickets to go to NYC. Broadway, shopping and of course food. I can't wait. Until then I will keep trudging and trying to catch sight of my husband once in awhile :).

oh and p.s. my horrible blogging also is a result of the permanent tendonitis that I have in my hands, also caused by PA school. The burning pain I am experiencing now is a deterrent to any kind of typing/writing. Blurg.