Saturday, February 26, 2011

Philly Fanatics

Nate and I are convinced that Philly is the coolest/best city in the U.S. It has all the culture without all the intimidation of NYC. (well NYC is intimidating to us:))

This pic is from our family room. Such a cool view right? I would never choose to live in a city long term, but it is so much fun to be young and married and living in such a cool place. We love exploring all that the city has to offer: historical stuff, concerts, musicals, art, and lets not forget all of the DELICIOUS food! Seriously there are the coolest authentic restaurants all around us. We could eat out every night of the week and still not see all the restaurants within walking distance of our apartment. It is because of this fact, that Nate has let his inner-foodie shine through, and I love it.
Last weekend we checked out a couple tasty little places. The first was called Dandelion and was an English Pub type place. It was in the coolest old building and had such a neat ambiance. Wood burning fireplace, cozy little nooks, and delicious English food. We tried liver mousse and blood sausage and I am happy to report that neither killed us and were actually quite tasty. You can check out pics of this place here.
Then on Monday we hit up this Mexican spot that we have been wanting to try for awhile called El Vez. Their guacamole with pistachios, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes was to die for! And I am already craving their crispy Mahi Mahi fish tacos. The atmosphere here was so fun. We relaxed in our over-sized velvet booth and talked for hours.
So I hope that after this post you are feeling hungry and a desire to come visit us in Philly. We are pretty good tour guides at this point :).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Since I am new to this blogging thing, I will start by saying this will probably be boring to everyone else but we wanted a way to keep track of our lives and our adventures. That means that this blog will probably be largely dedicated to: food (since we live in restaurant Mecca and LOVE food), seeing the sights in Philly, and any other memorable events that come along. Let the blogfest begin!