Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back from the dead....

Whoa, it has been a looonnggg time. I blame two things, PA school and neuropathy caused by PA school. But, yesterday I took my core comp exam which was a cumulative exam covering everything we had learned this year. Considering that we sat in class like 8-6 everyday and took 91 exams leading up to this one it was pretty daunting to even think about trying to prepare and pass. So in my true PA school fashion, I put it off and did as little as I possible could and prayed things would work out. Luckily, I did pass and now I have successfully survived my first year of PA school. It was the most grueling year of my life and I feel like it is hard for anyone who knows me to really understand how grueling it actually was, except for Nate who was here for every meltdown and fiasco. But somehow I made it. There were many times when I seriously questioned my decision to go to PA school and wished I had chosen medschool instead just because Nate's med program compared to mine was a freakin piece of cake, even he will tell you that. But, in the end I think I am glad that I chose this and hopefully I will be really happy with it once I graduate. Now that I am done with my first year my life already feels so much more balanced and I can't wait for my 2 week trip to puerto rico with my family. Congrats to all my fellow classmates who survived this year. I feel like we went into battle together and though broken and bruised somehow made it out alive!

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  1. What! What! Way to go G-friend!!! You are the